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Street Cred Basecamp

We take the road less traveled...

Street Cred Capital consists of a number of former mobile carrier guys that had to work with 3rd party lenders not accustomed to the mobile industry.  Based on that experience, we address common lending pain points including poor customer qualification experience, low approval rates, and high interest rates. Our pivotal move was to take the leverage away from the lender by aggregating many and making them compete – similar to Lending Tree in the mortgage space.

Street Cred - The Journey

... to connect lenders…

Leverage Street Cred Capital’s 500+ years of mobile experience and expertise to enable Fintech in one of the world’s most prosperous industries. The Street Cred Capital lending kit includes merchant business development, mobile-centric models, project management, technical resources, and account management. 

Street Cred - The Destination

…with merchants.

Street Cred Capital leverages its comprehensive Fintech platform to connect lenders with high value mobile customers via online and in-store systems.  This lending program offers customers the opportunity to engage many lenders for the best offer. Through this innovative technology, lenders are able to  finance phones, tablets, laptops, watches, accessories, smart home products, device protection repair services, and more.  The Street Cred Capital lending kit includes a plug-and-play customer application platform, premium marketing, reporting dashboard, and continued program management.

The Starting Line Up

Now that you know more about Street Cred Capital, perhaps you should meet the team...

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