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Tim Ostrowski - Founder/Operations Advisor - Street Cred Capital

Tim Ostrowski’s proudest business achievement is his role at Cricket Communications helping 6 million people receive fair and reasonable access to mobile wireless who may not have been able to do so through major carriers or lending services; His vast experience in finance, operations, business development, start-ups, and mergers and acquisitions led him to Street Cred Capital, where he serves as Operations Advisor.

Prior to joining Street Cred Capital, Tim served as Senior Vice President for San Diego-based Laser Management Group and was responsible for the perfection of a wireless license and the subsequent negotiation and sales process. Thanks to his leadership, the license was sold for $420 million – over four times the purchase price.

With his more than 40 years of managerial experience and 20 years in the telecom industry, Ostrowski is passionate about connecting people to the services they need. “It is truly an exciting and innovative industry,” he said. “The mobile industry is connected to everything that people do, and if we can find ways for people to have fair access to the devices they need, it will truly empower them.”

Previously, Ostrowski was Vice President of Business Development for Cricket Communications, where he was responsible for developing relationships with key business partners and investigating business alliances to further strategic goals. He also managed spectrum acquisition/optimization and collaborative agreements with outside interests, creating opportunities for improved network operations and product distribution. In the 10 years that Ostrowski was with Cricket, the company grew from $800 million to over $3 billion in revenue.

About his work bringing fast, fair, and simple financing solutions to the masses, Tim says, “We need to find ways for everybody to get connected. This will be the true equalizer. This industry surprises me with the speed at which it changes and how much it truly empowers people.”

Ostrowski’s passion for helping people goes beyond his role at Street Cred Capital. He is actively involved in his community by serving on The Village at Castle Pines’ Technology Committee and supporting various charities. Despite all that he accomplishes, he still makes time as a member of Rotary International and served on the board and committees of his local golf club. His second proudest achievement may be his membership in the small fellowship of golfers who have had three holes-in-one! When not bringing mobile technology to the masses, helping his favorite charities or slamming home tee shots, Tim also enjoys spending time with his family and grandchildren, travel, personal finance, watching sports, and playing bridge.


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