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Quick History of the Mobile Industry

The technology and cost shift history…

  • In the not so distant past… Subsidized Phones: $1 phone + 2 year contract; Carriers covered the cost of the phone
  • Smartphone Emergence: Uncoupling begins; Expensive Smartphones with hyper-competitive data plans became the norm
  • Plans Become a Commodity: Data plans bottom out; Contracts become uncoupled, device costs skyrocketed
  • Financing for a Few: Phone financing only available for above-average credit customers on tier 1 carriers
  • Present day… The Under-served Majority: The inability of average to below-average credit customers to finance a phone, accessories, and device protection

The Mobile Industry Problem

The disconnect between customer, carrier and lender…

  • Customer: Can’t afford to purchase a premium Smartphone; is unable to secure reasonable financing; and can’t navigate the intimidating, complex qualification process
  • Merchant: Wants the ability to sell Smartphones to all credit profiles and lack expertise in addressing the credit score spectrum
  • Lender: Is seeking new lending markets and customers and has difficulty identifying and marketing to mobile customers

The Mobile Industry Problem

More than half of mobile customers can’t access reasonable lending…

  • Excellent Credit (850-800 FICO) = 20% of the mobile marketplace accounting for 51 million customers
  • Very Good Credit (799-740 FICO) = 25% of the mobile marketplace accounting for 63.8 million customers
  • Good Credit (739-670 FICO) = 21% of the mobile marketplace accounting for 53.6 million customers
  • Fair Credit (669-580 FICO) = 18% of the mobile marketplace accounting for 45.9 million customers
  • Poor/No Credit (579-0 FICO) = 16% of the mobile marketplace accounting for 40.8 million customers

The Street Cred Capital Solution

Closing the customer, carrier and lender loop…

  • Customer-Instant approval to purchase up to $6,500 in phones, tablets, laptops, watches, accessories, smart home products, device protection and repair
  • Merchant-No risk in selling products and servies to customers of all credit levels
  • Lender-Multiple accredited lenders directly engaging their credit specialization in a new marketplace

Lender Presentation

Learn more about how to effectively and successfully market lending within the mobile industry.

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