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Empower Your Customers

Tap into retail lending solutions to improve sales and encourage repeat business

Help your customers access your products and services through fast, fair, and simple financing opportunities. Retail lending solutions through Street Cred Capital help your business grow.

You can now access the most innovative device lending program in the mobile industry.  Born from the frustration associated with accessing 3rd-party lending systems in the retail mobile space, the Street Cred Capital lending solution enables you and your team to provide financing to every customer. This program eliminates industry pain points including poor customer qualification experiences, low approval rates, and high interest rates associated with current lending solutions.

This new customer experience takes the leverage away from the lender by aggregating offers and making lenders compete to provide the best possible customer experience. This innovative system integrates within the existing retail POS and/or online cart processes to offer seamless pre-approval and checkout qualification options.

Solution Features

The first-of-its-kind program tailored for the mobile industry…


  • Fair and fast qualification
  • Choose from the top 3 lending offers
  • The highest lending approval percentages
  • The lowest customer lending rates


  • 0%-35.99% APR financing
  • Lease and residual value programs
  • 4-24 month terms
  • $49-$6,500 funding available


  • Pre-approval, payment type placement
  • Online, in-store engagement
  • Easy, 3-minute application
  • Instant approval, real-time funding


  • 19 accredited nationwide lenders
  • 850-475 FICO range coverage
  • New credit, no credit offers
  • True 0% APR offer


  • Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Watches
  • Accessories, Bluetooth
  • Smart Home, Gaming
  • Device Protection, Repair

Mobile Logistics

  • Forward Price Commitment
  • Trade-in, Double Trade-in
  • Disposition
  • Upgrade

Merchant Offers

  • Fast pay-outs – 48-hour funding reimbursement
  • No recourse or refund
  • One cost model, nominal merchant fee
  • No set-up, integration, or management costs

Value-Added Programs

  • SMB/Enterprise Lending
  • Personal Lending
  • Student Loan/Refi
  • Mortgage Loan/Refi

Street Cred Capital Process

A comprehensive, turn-key lending program…

  • Placement: Online and in-store; integrated pre-approval and check-out cart process.
  • Model: Mobile-specific logistics including targeted forward price commitment, trade-in, disposition and upgrade programs.
  • Qualification: Customer applies in 3 minutes; instant decision from multiple lenders
  • Engagement: Post-transaction, the lender reimburses the merchant and begins a direct customer engagement.
  • Management: Track and manage customer activities including payment, service and trade-in.
  • Market: Secondary lending and curated advertising offers; merchant messaging including promotional offers, trade-in and upgrade. REDUCE churn and EXTEND customer lifetime value!
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