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Curt jensen - Founder/Lender Development - Street Cred Capital

With his background as a serial entrepreneur (he’s been involved in the start-up of six successful companies), Curt serves as Lending Partner at Street Cred Capital.

“My personal philosophy is to keep innovation moving in line with demand from both merchants and consumers and to provide more avenues for finance solutions to all who are interested,” said Curt.

“Most of the use of the Internet – which changed EVERYTHING – now rides on mobile equipment and networks. The most interruptive new development in the world will be 5G, which is still largely a hidden topic. Much like artificial intelligence, people will use it every day and not even know they are using it.

Curt led several startup companies in software remote monitoring, satellite, cell data, VoIP/communications integration, and commercial real estate development. He served as one of the underwriters for Colorado’s multi-billion-dollar E-470 transit project – controlling the flow of expenses and architecting the payback of the bonds that helped fund that project. That may seem a long way from mobile FinTech but it is one of his proudest achievements.

“My most treasured personal business accomplishment was my involvement with securing financing for the E-470 Tollway. We financed a multi-billion dollar tollway without government taxes or help.”

With a background this diverse, it’s no surprise that Curt has an enthusiasm for founding, owning, and operating successful startups in industries like oil and gas engineering and production, remote asset monitoring and control, commercial and residential real estate development, and electric-cogeneration and sales.

His current passion is in the intersection between the mobile space and new developments in the way people access capital. “Mobile is on the ‘bleeding edge’ of technology, and point-of-sale combined with the ‘buy-now-pay-later’ movement is sweeping the world markets. Street Cred is at the convergence of both.”


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