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Ken Venturi - Founder/Marketing Advisor - Street Cred Capital

Ken Venturi is instrumental in the marketing strategy, consulting, and investment activities for Street Cred Capital, but he’s also no stranger to adventure and challenge. As an experienced C-level executive, Venturi has been involved in public media and venture capital for 30 years. His experience in marketing with mobile development, digital content, integrated marketing, and product development expertise makes him an invaluable addition to the Street Cred Capital team.

Ken launched and operated several startups, and helped one grow from $10 million to over $450 million in revenue with a market cap of over $2.5 billion. He provided business development, product engineering and corporate strategic formulation experience for a multitude of organizations ranging from small private entrepreneurial ventures to major multi-billion dollar media companies.

With that impressive list of accomplishments, it may surprise some that he’s an artist and adventurer at heart.

“I love to paint, draw and craft new things, and as a kid, I was a fairly accomplished portrait artist,” Venturi said. “If I wasn’t working with Street Cred Capital, I would be on some kind of adventure involving lots of people working and collaborating together.”

After a near fatal accident on the cliffs of the Deer Valley ski resort, Venturi never gave up. Instead of bowing to his injuries, he trained extensively to fight his way back to health and fitness. That training paid off when he finished the Spartan Military Challenge, a 7-mile race with 25 military obstacles to overcome, just 14 months after his devastating accident.

When not leading the marketing efforts at Street Cred Capital and completing extreme races, Venturi enjoys skiing, scuba diving, drawing and painting, tinkering, collecting and anything to do with Star Wars.


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