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With 21-plus years of senior management experience in mobile industry ventures, including finance, advertising, content licensing, app development, and eCommerce distribution, Street Cred Capital CEO Clint Fayling is fascinated by the continual changes and new interesting opportunities in what he calls “the most ever-evolving industry in history.”

In addition to founding and managing four startups – the last of which produced 75 million downloads and $32 million in revenue – Clint also led two mobile content agencies from start-up through acquisition.

He has worldwide expertise building partnerships with media companies, development agencies, mobile carriers, phone manufacturers, and point-of-sale systems – but he’s not above enjoying a cold one in the great outdoors.

“My hobbies are hiking, rock climbing, drinking beer outdoors, and doing all of the above on the same day in that order,” he said.

Prior to his extensive career in the mobile industry, Clint owned and operated a call center services business for eight years. He founded Street Cred Capital after seeing the need for fair, fast and simple third-party customer and business lending in the mobile industry.

“In the next five years, we will see continued convergence of life’s everyday personal, entertainment, productivity, and professional activities via the mobile phone,” he said.

“I’m continually fascinated by this industry. Predicting the future of mobile is futile. Dominant industry segments today were not even conceptualized 10 years ago.”

With the bewildering fact that he has a B.S. in fashion merchandising, Clint himself has evolved to become a leader in the industry based on his relationships and his 40+ carrier-direct worldwide partnerships across varied industry segments, including music, personalized content, video, advertising, and finance.

“It’s a small industry in which many of one’s peers evolve into elevated roles and form new companies on a continuous basis. Building a reputation of trust and success in partnerships has a long lasting effect. More than 21 years after getting started in business, my professional network continues to yield ever-growing value every day,” he said.

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