Creating a mobile phone, accessory, and insurance lending marketplace to empower the credit challenged consumer.

Street Cred Capital offers the most innovative device lending program in the mobile industry.  The concept was born from our team of former mobile carrier guys that had to engage difficult and predatory 3rd party lenders.  Street Cred Capital alleviates industry pain points including poor customer qualification experience, low approval rates and high interest rates.  We took the leverage away from the lender by aggregating many and making them compete to provide the best possible customer offer. Street Cred Capital integrates within the existing retail POS and/or online cart process to offer seamless pre-approval and checkout qualification options.

The Merchant Advantage:

  • Multi-lender platform with 12 accredited lenders
  • Credit-risk expertise; deep capital resources
  • Pre-approval and check-out cart API integration
  • API feeds compatible with 14 ecommerce platform standards
  • Merchant reimbursement within 72 hours
  • Flat discount rate, no set-up or maintenance costs
  • Full-service training and customer service
  • No merchant recourse or refund
  • 72% customer approval rate average

The Customer Advantage:

  • 3-minute credit application process
  • Instant credit qualification decision serving best available offer
  • Super prime, prime and subprime offers
  • Same-as-cash (0% interest), finance and lease programs
  • Lending available for phones, accessories, insurance
  • 500-800+ FICO credit qualification range
  • $200-$1,500 customer approval amount range
  • $5,000-$100,000 enterprise approval amount range
  • Lowest payment plans and rates in the industry

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