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Edward Lang - Founder/Corporate Development - Street Cred Capital

As a proven digital executive and entrepreneur with decades of experience in building and managing domestic and international digital businesses, Ed Lang heads up Street Cred Capital’s Business Affairs and Corporate Development.

Ed’s expertise in building commerce sites, social media offerings, mobile products and services, digital marketing programs, and consumer focused solutions translates into a wealth of added value for Street Cred Capital’s clientele.

Lang’s fascination with technology and communications was born after reading an article 25 years ago about monophonic ringtones on Nokia cell phones and how excited people became about the opportunity to customize their personal mobile experiences.

“I thought to myself, ‘This is going to be big.’ Being fresh out of law school, I was hooked never looked back.”

In his role of Business Affairs and Corporate Development, Ed values honesty above all else. He was shocked at the level to which people could be victimized by unscrupulous businesses and he vowed to be honest, innovative, and trustworthy in order to make a difference. Today, he is motivated by helping credit-challenged individuals and small business owners overcome the credit score industry’s bias and hold-over financing.

“Personal lending and wallet solutions will change the way people purchase, finance and pay for goods and services in the future,” Lang predicts.

In addition to serving as CEO of Panelfly, Inc., CEO of Mobicious Inc. (acquired), SVP of Worldwide Digital for Playboy Enterprises ($75MM+ P&L), VP of Mobile Strategy for Sony Corporation of America and Founder of PatriotNet (acquired), and a member of the founding management team at Cvent, Inc. (NYSE: CVT). He also owns a small, Argentine vinyard – Aluvion Vinyards – with his wife and best friend from grade school.

Lang holds a B.A. from George Mason University and a J.D. from George Washington University. He splits his time between Denver and Los Angeles with his wife and twins – Sebastian and Elizabeth. He also loves map collecting, collecting Wedgewood china, watching football, developing his kids’ creative sides, and contemplating the intersection of philosophy and politics.

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