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We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Grubhub Corporate Accounts, the industry’s most flexible meal perks platform. The Meals for Deals partnership creates a universal incentive program for mobile carriers and merchants to reward sales performance. When an employee reaches a predetermined sales goal, they will receive meal credits to use and order on Grubhub’s Marketplace, featuring more than 320,000 restaurants in 4,000 cities.

Street Cred Capital will work with mobile carriers and merchants to collect monthly sales data reports and provide a tiered reward list to incentivize top stores and employees for reaching monthly sales goals. Using the data collected, Street Cred Capital will issue Grubhub meal credits to employees who reach those tiers on a monthly basis and Grubhub-catered lunches to top-selling stores so they can celebrate their performance as a team. Building on the traditional Grubhub Corporate Accounts offering where corporate clients are able to provide their employees with a daily or weekly stipend through a line of credit, the Meals for Deals program is a fun and exciting way for companies to reward employees for performance.

“At Street Cred, our first priority is to enable partner success via innovative mobile-centric tools that increase sales performance and deliver high customer satisfaction,” said Clint Fayling, CEO and founder of Street Cred Capital. “This first-of-its-kind partnership combines the unlikely combination of finance and food delivery, with a net result of rewarding employees that strive to provide the best customer experience.”

The rewards program provides myriad benefits to both merchants and employees, including:

  • Full-service account management, customer service.
  • No mobile carrier/merchant integration, implementation or management needed.
  • Zero merchant costs or fees.
  • Rewards delivered directly to each employee.
  • Monthly reporting and newsletter to identify top sales performers.
  • An effective employee incentive and retention tool.

“We know just how important food is to people; not only as a morale booster, but as an incentive for strong performance,” said Jeff Mirmelstein, vice president and general manager of corporate accounts at Grubhub. “It’s extremely validating to see companies like Street Cred Capital implement programs like this and see the value it provides employees.”

The Meals for Deals program will begin with an initial pilot of 100 stores before rolling out to all qualified Street Cred mobile carriers and merchants later this year. This program is just one of many ways Street Cred Capital provides the mobile industry with an unprecedented set of mobile-centric tools to enable a highly trusted, best-in-class payment option.

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