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I am thoroughly impressed with the way Street Cred Capital has managed our account from day one. They have been transparent and diligent on their all their dealings with us. One thing I really like about the Street Cred Capital team is that they go all out to create win win WIN partnerships .I say this 3 times as it is a win for all parties Street Cred Capital, ZmBIZI, AND THE CUSTOMER!

It was actually one of my friends that wanted to buy their child a phone and didn’t want to invest a lot of money into a new one.  After a few days of going back and forth, and talking about the CPOs we have and bundles, we had just barely launched Street Cred.  We did the training the day before and then the next day I was trying to run an application. It’s so easy to do, it’s very basic. The QRG is a really great reminder.  It is so easy to run an application and very user friendly for the customer, having them doing it right in front of you, and if they need help you can guide them.  It’s really nice, I really like it.  With our clientele here in West Valley, we have been getting a lot of talk about it in the past couple weeks and we are really motivated to get our customers into some new phones.

I had a really awesome experience with a customer; they came in and couldn’t afford getting the upgraded device.  They were kind of in a pickle and couldn’t repair the old one, so it was a super easy transition in getting the customer to break it up into those payments.  I should have brought up how it compares to Netflix and how it’s that easy to do.  It was really cool how we were able to get the customer setup with an upgraded device without them having to paying all that money upfront, and it’s something if she would have come in a few months earlier, we just would not have had any options for her and would have add to turn her away.  So, thanks guys!

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