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Lending Transaction Procedure:
  1. Customer completes lender application.
  2. Lender initiates application underwriting review.
  3. Within one day, the lender follows with the customer to request more information or provide a credit decision.  
  4. If credit is approved, the lender emails the customer to provide a lending term sheet for signature. 
  5. Customer executes the lending term sheet and returns completed copy to the lender.  
  6. Lender emails designated merchant representative of customer acceptance.  
  7. Merchant invoices lender for corresponding customer purchase via email. Invoice must include “Bill to” and “Ship to” customer information.
  8. Lender emails lending agreement to customer for signature.
  9. Upon lender receipt of executed lending agreement and supporting documents from customer, lender notifies and funds merchant within two days via bank ACH.
  10. Merchant delivers the product to customer.
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