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Nichole Anderson - Account and Project Management - Street Cred Capital

After graduating from Manchester University, Nichole needed to find work, so she signed on as a sales associate at a Mishawaka, Indiana TCC store. Sixteen years later, she had risen through the ranks to oversee the sales and operations for the entire region.

As Street Cred Capital’s Account Manager, Anderson applies her 20-plus years of experience in the wireless industry to create win-win partnerships and move it forward. “This industry is always changing, which keeps it exciting,” she says.

“In my last three positions, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the same partners in the space. The ways in which wireless continues to evolve is what has surprised me the most. There is always new technology and functionality to learn and share.”

Nichole also worked as the senior account manager for Envysion, where she was responsible for prospecting, cascading product feedback, delivering multi-touch campaigns within new verticals, and achieving sales performance quotas.

She takes her responsibilities seriously and she has a high level of focus on coaching with a proactive approach. She loves learning about best practices that she can share across accounts.

“I’ve found this helps me to educate my clients even before they run into a challenge,” she says. Her commitment to proactive problem-solving won her the Synergy Award in 2015 for her collaboration with multiple regions, partners, and departments that helped ensure the company’s success.

“If I weren’t doing this, I’d definitely be in a role where I could give back. Helping others is important to me, whether it’s mentoring young employees or handing out groceries at the food bank,” she says.

Nichole is a yoga aficionado, but also loves metal and hard rock. She loves reading, cooking and going to Disney World as often as she can.

When looking to the future of the mobile industry, Nichole predicts that “a large percentage of wireless customers will purchase devices online or via contactless services.” She believes that as technology costs continue to rise, “more customers will look to finance both their cell phones and additional products like tablets and smart watches for increased connectivity.”

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