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Dan Leonard - SVP, Technology Services - Street Cred Capital

A Solutions Architect with 20-plus years of wireless industry experience in engineering and operations organizations, Dan Leonard is a strong leader who heads up Street Cred Capital’s technology services.

Throughout his career, Dan has prided himself on his ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams to design and implement new services while producing optimal results, and is exceptionally skilled in technical team leadership, complex problem solving, and translating product requirements into technical designs.

Dan entered the mobile industry because of his fascination with how telecommunications works. “Learning how a phone call could travel from New York to L.A., in a matter of milliseconds was a revelation,” he said. “It triggered a desire to dive into mobile technology, understand it and make it work.”

He was one of the main drivers who helped launch the Charter Spectrum Mobile service, creating a new business unit from scratch. Being a part of a project that large was both challenging and rewarding for Dan, pushing him into areas beyond technology.

Dan is driven by the dynamic innovation that is prevalent in the mobile industry, and he is motivated by the relationships that create success both internally and externally.

“The key to success in any role is the ability to build and maintain strong relationships with your internal and external customers,” he said. “I also believe in the value of asking questions, as each organization and industry I’ve been in has its own language.”

Dan specializes in network architecture, service design and product implementation, problem solving, and root cause analysis. Throughout his career, he has excelled at overcoming challenges associated with vendor selection and management; communicating technical issues to non-technical audiences; relationship building and technical team leadership; and process development, mentoring and coaching.

In fact, if he was not the lead for technology services at Street Cred Capital, he would be coaching people as a career. He is a certified life coach who helps people find the careers that are right for them and live their best lives.

“I love to help people to find the careers that they truly want, make time for the things that are most important to them, and realize that there is nothing more important to their overall well being than giving themselves to freedom to feel,” he said.

In addition to helping Street Cred Capital with its technology services, Dan also loves running, hiking, camping, road tripping and continuing his work as a certified life coach.


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