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Chris Wylie has broad experience across the wireless ecosystem. He is especially grateful for the global perspective he gained from living and working across Asia for over eight years. That experience got him a job at Qualcomm, and he has since worked for other Fortune 500 names as well, like Samsung and Ingram Micro.

Chris’s proudest professional accomplishments are being a part of the team at Qualcomm that launched the wireless world’s first app store and having a front-row seat during the development of the first Galaxy device.

“Users are now keeping their wireless devices longer,” Chris says, speaking on the changes to come in the wireless industry. “Capabilities will continue to increase, and costs will continue to go up. The wireless industry will move to one based on what you can do with your device once everyone has high-speed connections versus how fast your device is. There will be no need to discuss 4G, LTE, 5G, et cetera.”

Chris relishes the opportunity to bring services to those who would never otherwise have access to wireless technology. He believes that you should respect the relationship each culture has with their own devices because everyone has something to teach you.

When he’s not working, Chris is satisfying his obsession with maps (he says he would be a cartographer in another life), hiking in the great outdoors (he walks over 200 miles per month!), and coaching his daughter’s softball team all the way to the championship (his proudest accomplishment yet).

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