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Bill Baldwin has spent 30 years working in all areas of the wireless industry, including for large carriers like AT&T, small rural carriers, Authorized Retailers, and SaaS vendors. He has experience across multiple functional areas with a primary focus on distribution strategy, strategic partnerships, sales operations, and customer experience. In his early work with Cingular Wireless, he was tasked with developing their Authorized Retailer Strategy, transforming the way that channel became the retail face of the carrier.

“Every time you think the market has been totally commoditized, new technology presents new ways to use wireless devices in our everyday personal and business lives,” he says. “I’m interested to see how 5G will enable VR and video projection through the handsets.”

Bill loves the fact that he can always reconnect with old colleagues and partners in the industry to develop new opportunities and new ways of working together. Bill’s philosophy is, “Never say it can’t be done or won’t work. Always listen and connect the dots.”

If he weren’t working for Street Cred, Bill says he would be off traveling to some remote corner of the planet. He loves music, travel, gardening, and rehabbing houses. People may also be surprised to learn that once upon a time he was a pretty fair blues harmonica player.

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