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Please complete the following four steps to start monetizing your traffic
with CarrierAppTraffic.

  1. Sign up
    – Register an account with CarrierAppTraffic.

  2. [Complete on-boarding Process] – An account manager will contact you to help finish
    the on-boarding.

  3. [Get API Key] – Once your account is approved, login to your account and
    request an API key for programmatic access to CarrierAppTraffic offers.

  4. [Receive the Offers Feed.] – Append the api key assigned to you in the URL below, and
    receive your available offers in JSON format. “[YOUR_API_KEY]

API Response Structure

Every time you call the CarrierAppTraffic API with your apikey, it will return two

messageTexttrue/falseIt will be set to true if the request to get offers was successful, else false.
offersArrayarray of offer objects The array contains active offers for your account. Paused/inactive offers will not

Offer Structure

idstringThe unique offer identifier.
namestringThe offer name.
descriptionstringThe description of the offer.
preview_urlstringThe http url to Apple or Google store landing page.
tracking_urlstringIt contains the http url to which you are supposed to send traffic. Remember to
append the required tokens at the end this url i.e. aff_sub=[CLICK_ID].
conversion_caparrayArray contains ‘daily’ and monthly values.
Zero value means no cap.
geosarrayISO Alpha-2 CodesThe list of countries for which the offer allows traffic.
targetingstring Targets either Android or iOS.
platformplatform is the target platform for this offer. Valid entries are Android and iOS.
min_versionmin_version is the minimum required platform version to run the offer on.
payoutarrayUSD Contains ‘amount’, ‘currency’, and ‘type’.
Amount is the payout from a conversion for this offer.
Currency is the payout medium.
Type is the offer type. Current values are CPA (Conversion Per Activation).
categoriesarrayContains an array of categories provided by the advertiser.
expiration_datestringWhen this offer is expected to expire.
sub_idarrayContains two sub arrays: include and exclude. Include are exclusive subids which
should only be accepted. Exclude are subids which should be excluded, while any
subids should be allowed. Each of these arrays will contain individual entries.

Contact US

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questions to

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